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Ems is a stand up comedian based in Totnes. She has been visiting many places with her jaunty ditties and her affable outlook for 10 years. She is a Disabled comedian but that doesn’t dictate her material, although being Disabled is fantastic fodder for funniness, especially when you are a ‘cantankerous little sod’ (her Dad).
Here are a few videos that may give you an idea of what she does. There aren’t that many live videos as her memory is rubbish (She had a brain haemorrhage and stroke when she was 17…you may know this…) and she never remembers, so , if you see her perform, remind her beforehand to record it…or better still record her act and send it to her and you might see it on here!! (That may be slightly creepy)
There are also some ‘online’ videos from ‘the times’……….

The Revirginator

The InYourHouse Comedian Podcast
KD Hinken

Dobfools Comedy Club Presents:

Mark Little’s Fool School
ft. Ems Coombes

1st Edition

April 2019
Ems Coombes

Benny shakes things up with Ems

… with Ems Coombes

Kd's Comedian Quiz-Off

Thirty Sex Special


Ems Coombes
june 2022

Ems Coombes

A gig…. Comedy, just in case you didnt know.

At Source

A Ukraine Peace Event

Kd's Comedian Quiz-Off

No. 17 – Halloween Spooktakular!

7th September - LIVE!!

Lude, crude and always a giggle 🙂

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